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2 Responses to About

  1. talktohugh says:

    Hugh Hamilton is a professional journalist of wide-ranging experience spanning more than two-and-a-half decades in broadcast (radio) and print media. He is currently host and executive producer of “Talkback!”, an interactive news-talk-analysis program specializing in political discourse and public policy on WBAI, Pacifica Radio, in New York 99.5 FM (http://www.wbai.org). Since 1993, he has combined his extensive journalistic experience with a parallel interest in legislative analysis and advocacy, serving in related capacities for two members of the New York City Council.

  2. frank herrling says:

    hugh, you remind me of my father, in attitude, intelligence, and ability to get folks to go beyond their petty differences and look at the forest rather than the trees. you can dance better than any politician and you are one of the few people i have ever met in a long lifetime with balls (i know, that’s a male concept) enough to speak freely and honestly about where we all are today; your children and future progeny should, and i think will, be immensely proud of you.
    activists bore me, or anger me, depending on their particular tack, but it is the people en masse who eventually decide the future, and your contribution to that eventuality is unequalled in my experience.
    i don’t even begin to know where wbai is going to wind up in the scheme of things, not being on the ground with it’s moving forces, but i will tell you….coming from a very similar background to Bernard White (i capitalize to show my respect), that from an operational standpoint (and i’m an operations person) bai has practical and functional issues that do not seem to be being addressed at a very pivotal time. it’s time for an ass-kicker to start (i’m sorry, i meant a gentle ass-kicker) to start getting the station beyond the mainstream, to reach out to our youth, to properly present folks with “issues” in the context of we all need to get behind new directions in a concerted effort to effect change from the money/value/wealth paradigm to a human paradigm.
    speaking to my son this pm, (my son who is bi or multi or various racial) – he was conferring with some friends, and wanted to know from me, when the media as a whole began to change from a people oriented to a how much can we make on this program paradigm, and i thought about it and said that sometime in the seventies they realized that issue-based comedy and drama could put wealth in their pocets, and from that point on, media of all kinds was produced with the purpose of making money – in other words, media became not the message, but the tool of those who could “sell” a message to a target audience, not necessarily “the people”, but the people who could or would see their hopes realized on screen or in print, but not in reality. in other words, they played us again (and continue to play us again, and again, and again…..).
    oh, sorry, am i off topic??? at my age, i could care less.
    hugh, keep up the very serious work that you do, and keep it up as long as you draw breath.
    and don’t knock my grammar or punctuation, since it’s late, i drove close to 300 miles on my job today, and i’m burnt, to say the least

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